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tv   CNN Presents  CNN  February 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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larry hall had confessed to killing jessica roach, tricia reitler and two other women. and then he took it all back, claiming it was just his
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imagination. >> i did confess to certain policemen that i had dreams that i did things. >> but investigator gary miller had other evidence like the witness who drove by this cornfield the night of jessica's murder. >> that person testified that he was absolutely sure that when he went by here that night there was a van and a guy coming from the corn field to get in his van. >> a search of hall's house and van revealed he had been casing out small college towns and keeping suspicious notes. "seen joggers and bikers. many alone. check colleges, parks. seen some prospects." hall also made lists for the hardware store. "buy two more plastic tarps. cover all floor and sides of van." and hall wrote himself troubling instructions.
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no body contact. buy condoms. buy two more leather belts. find one now! amongst hall's things, investigators found newspaper clippings about roach and reitler, possessions from other missing girls and pornographic pictures hall had altered. >> in those pictures, he had drawn what looked like a rope or belt around the neck of one of -- of the left side of the mouth he had drawn blood. >> hall insisted it was all just staged, to make a play for attention. to feel important to police. >> i put a bunch of stuff in that van that i drove around with because i knew they'd eventually search my van and find them. >> during larry's trial, his twin brother, gary, tried to provide him an alibi. still, federal prosecutor larry
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beaumont, got hall convicted of kidnapping jessica roach. >> in the federal system, if you're guilty of a kidnapping and that kidnapping resulted in a death, under the sentencing guidelines it's a mandatory life term. >> the jessica roach case was over. but the disappearance of tricia reitler remained unsolved. and her parents, garry and donna, could not stop looking. >> we walked the sides of the roads. the riverbeds. we looked under the culverts. we went to crack houses because somebody had a lead. >> if you see something on the side of the road, a garbage bag, whatever, it's like -- could that be her? >> it was such a horrendous crime to lose your daughter and never find out what the heck happened to her. >> larry beaumont kept looking too. >> i actually made arrangements on a couple of occasions to go out and look for the body. >> beaumont called in specialized military and law enforcement units to search. >> we were not able to find it. so rather than give up, it
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occurred to me that obviously, larry hall knew. >> beaumont needed answers and turned to an unlikely source to get them. he needed someone to befriend larry hall. someone charismatic, someone on the inside. larry beaumont needed jimmy keene. beaumont had sent both keene and hall to prison. now he hatched a risky plan that would bring them together. keene was ten months into his sentence when beaumont brought him in to talk. >> scared me. i thought this was some trick. >> keene watched nervously as beaumont pushed a folder across the table. >> and i open it up and the first thing i seen was a picture of a mutilated dead girl. and i flipped the next page and there was a different mutilated dead girl. >> and there was a portrait of tricia reitler. >> at that moment i looked up at him and he said, we need you to help us with this case.
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>> beaumont wanted keene to go undercover, to transfer from his low security lockup to a dangerous prison. and to befriend alleged serial killer larry hall. >> he says, if you can get solid confessions from him and if you can help us locate the bodies that are still missing, we're willing to completely wash your record. >> keene's mission? to learn where tricia reitler was buried. >> the purpose of this operation was to find that body. >> beaumont made it clear, no body, no early release. keene would have to serve the rest of his ten-year sentence. but beaumont believed keene could do it. >> he's smart. he's articulate. he's not afraid. and i knew he wanted to get out. >> for keene, it was a chance for redemption, to restore his family name and, says arthur hillel levin, to get his life back on track. >> this deal was a way for him to get home and also a way for
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him to do good, and kind of take this bad thing he had done and to somehow turn it inside out and make it something that would solve a crime. >> but it wouldn't be easy. >> it's fair to say he was risking his life. he could have been killed. >> it was dangerous, absolutely. >> it was highly risky. these people in those types of places haven't got anything better to do than try to hurt you and kill you, too. >> keene was unsure. but a phone call home but his doubts to rest. his stepmother said his father had suffered a stroke. >> she said, he's in really bad shape. we wish you were here. this is terrible that you're in a spot where you're in right now because we could lose him. >> keene needed to get home fast and there was only one way to make that happen. he had to face an alleged serial killer first. >> i decided, you know what? however bizarre or how far out
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i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. [ male announcer ] make your escape... twice as rewarding. earn double points or double miles on all your hotel stays through march thirty first. sign up now at driving up to the prison in springfield, missouri, jimmy keene didn't know if he made the best or worst decision of his life. >> i started to get cold feet.
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and i looked at the u.s. marshal and i said, listen, how do we know beaumont is going to live up to his word. they all assured me he would. i said, i'm not sure if i can do this. >> but there was no turning back. and he needed to prepare. agents had warned him to be careful. >> we don't want you to approach him for at least six months because he's a very cagey individual. if he senses one thing wrong, he goes into a shell like a turtle and you'll never get him back out once he's in. >> but keene didn't have time to wait. he needed to get home to his ailing father so hours after becoming a springfield inmate, he spotted larry hall. and he made his first move. >> i made it a point for us to bump shoulders and as we gently bumped shoulders i said, excuse me, i said, i'm new here, you wouldn't happen to know where the library is, would you? >> hall offered to show keene
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the way. >> and i reached over and slapped him on the shoulder and i said, thanks a lot, i appreciate that from a cool guy like you. >> over the next week, keene watched hall's every move from his cell across the hall. >> i walked up to him and i says, this is where i'm at, are you in this area here and he says, yeah, i'm right there. and he bugs his eyes out of his head. i said, that's great. you're right by me. i told you you were a cool by and i'm glad you're by me and all this and that and that's when he basically offered if i ever want to have breakfast with him and his friends. >> keene was making progress, slowly gaining hall's trust. but life at springfield was complicated. and dangerous. so keene figured out a way to use violence to his advantage. it was a saturday night and hall was in the tv room, mesmerized by an episode of "america's most wanted" about serial killers. suddenly another inmate approached the tv. >> and you could tell this guy
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had been in for a long time. he was a real big buff guy. he walked up, looked at everybody and turned the channel. and i found it very interesting. larry looked at me and very quietly mumbled under his breath, hey, i was watching that show. >> keene leaped into action and knocked the guy out. >> i nailed him with an upper cut and kicked him through three rows of chairs. he was beat up real bad and had to go to the hospital and they took me and threw me in the hole. >> it was worth it. and it was a breakthrough with hall. >> he not only now looked at me as a guy he could look at and say, wow, he thinks i'm cool coming from him, that's a compliment. and now he's also able to protect me. >> now, keene had hall's trust and had him talking. one night, in hall's cell, he told keene the truth about what happened to tricia reitler.
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but what hall told keene was different from what some investigators believed. it was his story, along with some evidence that created a roadmap i wanted to follow to try to figure out what happened to tricia reitler. tricia would have left this supermarket parking lot, walking just a couple of blocks back to campus. somewhere along this road, hall told keene he got tricia into his van when she fought off his advances, he said he choked her to keep her quiet. hall told keene he blacked out and when he woke up, tricia was naked and lifeless.
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days after her disappearance, investigators found her blood-soaked clothes here, just one block from the supermarket. hall's own notes indicate what might have happened next. exactly one week after tricia's disappearance, hall wrote -- cut out stained carpet. vacuumed van thoroughly. buy new hacksaw blades. clean all tools. along with his notes was this address, 700 west slocum, where in the woods, halfway between marion and wabash and it is possible that somewhere out here, tricia reitler is buried. >> he said, so he got some lime together, a shovel and a lantern and he drove her way out into the woods and buried her out in the woods. >> he admitted to you he buried
8:15 pm
her in the woods? >> several times he admitted that, yes. i basically made him feel like it was okay to tell me his secret. >> but keene still needed the secret that would set him free. the exact location of tricia's body. weeks later, he thought he nailed it when he found hall hovered over a map in the prison workshop. >> it was a map with red dots over indiana, illinois and wisconsin and he covered it up really fast. >> lined up at the edge of the map were a dozen wooden falcons. >> i said, wow, this is pretty cool, did you make these? he said, yeah, i make them. it's really cool, jim. they watch over the dead. >> falcons, to watch over the dead, and a map marked with dots. it was the information keene thought would surely lead to the exact location of tricia's body. >> and that moment did you think, this is my ticket to freedom? >> i did. because i thought this is it. i've got solid confessions out of him. we know specific details. we know how he's done it now.
8:16 pm
>> keene believed he had his answer. he'd soon be free. that he was done forever with larry hall. so that night, at lockdown, keene decided to tell hall what he really thought. >> i told him he was a [ bleep ] sicko. that he was insane. you're one of the most despicable forms of human life on this planet. at that point he slid away from me and he was terrified all of a sudden and he says, beaumont sent you, didn't he? beaumont sent you, didn't he? >> keene had blown his cover. and his outburst landed him in solitary confinement. >> it took some time before we found out they put jimmy in the hole so he was not able to communicate with anybody on the outside. >> by then, hall's map and the falcons had disappeared. worst of all, as keene was let out of springfield prison to face larry beaumont, he didn't
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larry hall to provide details about several murders hall was suspected of committing, including tricia reitler's. but keene had not met the original requirements of larry beaumont's deal. >> i told him this myself, made it clear to him, we didn't find the body, no body, no credit. >> sitting in his prison cell, jimmy keene desperately hoped he had done enough. >> are they going to be fair and give me what's justifiably right on this? or are they going to say, here's six months? it was a crap shoot. >> without a location for reitler's body, beaumont had a decision to make. >> i made arrangements to have him take a polygraph test to verify what he was telling us was the truth which he passed and he made a legitimate effort to do what we sent him down there to do. >> so beaumont urged a federal judge to give keene credit for time served. jimmy keene became a free man and returned home to his aging
8:22 pm
father. what did you feel like when you were finally released? >> i was happy as could be. it was a very bizarre roller coaster that i went on. it was -- i mean, redemption at its best. >> keene had five more good years to be with his father before big jim passed away. >> we both realized once i got out that there is a better world than just always in a constant dash to make money. it's like, let's enjoy each other while we're alive here, you know? >> it was closure for keene, but not for the families of the alleged victims of larry hall. for years, there was no progress and no relief for people like donna and garry reitler. >> as a parent, there's the part that you flutter down and you want to find her and bring her home and you can't. i mean, we've done pretty much physically everything that we
8:23 pm
can to find her. and there's somebody out there that holds that one answer for us. >> beaumont, too, felt he had done all he could and the pursuit of larry hall was over. >> there wasn't going to be no further prosecution from the federal perspective. he's already serving life in prison. he was done. >> once again, larry hall had slipped off the radar. and it easily could have remained that way, except for jimmy keene. first, keene's story of strange redemption was featured in a "playboy" article and a book written by keene and hillel levin. >> once we were able to write about what jimmy went through, then things happened. >> keene's story refocused attention on larry hall. helped re-open cold cases and put pressure on his twin brother, gary. now gary stopped defending larry and started talking.
8:24 pm
>> larry, just like jimmy keene calls him, and he is. he's a baby killer. >> you think your brother is a baby killer. >> i don't have no doubt in my mind. >> do you think your brother killed more than jessica roach? >> yes. >> do you think your brother killed tricia reitler? >> yes. >> rayna riceon? michelle duey? >> yes. >> as gary started talking more openly, detectives approached him, asking for help. >> i went with the indianapolis detectives down to try to get my brother to confess. he made me leave the room. he did, in fact, confess on tape to 15 serial murders. >> larry later retracted, again. and while he can't ever seem to stick to one story, he does, sometimes, seem to have regrets. >> i didn't want to keep living
8:25 pm
my life the way i was living it. i wanted things to be different, you know, but i guess i didn't really do the right things and change the way my life was going. >> larry hall refused our request for an interview. he has never been charged with crimes against anyone other than jessica roach. but keene's story has caused officials across the country to take another look at hall. >> in november of 2010, investigators from the town of manasha police department interviewed mr. hall at a federal prison in north carolina. >> in that interview hall admitted murdering lori depeaze and provided clues of where to find her body. >> there's multiple agencies looking into him, references unsolved disappearances. >> larry hall may have had more victims than ever imagined. >> we understand it's even more extensive than we ever thought. not 20, but maybe 30 to 40, in terms of the victims.
8:26 pm
>> that leaves 30 or 40 families still awaiting answers. which is why, says levin, it's critical that serial investigations do not stop. two decades after tricia reitler vanished, her father believes larry hall knows where to find her. >> i think if larry knew what we go through on a daily basis, you know, wondering where she is. wondering what happened, i don't think he would have any choice but to confess and let us know where she's buried. >> donna reitler is not as sure. >> he confessed. he recanted. he confessed, he recanted. without a body, it's just another possibility. >> more than anything else, they just want their daughter back. >> to have a place to lay her to
8:27 pm
rest, just to be able to sit and just talk to her. >> as for jimmy keene, his truth is stranger than fiction. he's gone from football standout to drug dealer to undercover operative. and now -- to screen star, with his story in development as a hollywood film. still, says keene, he thinks of the victims' families and hopes they'll find their answers. >> that's all they can do is keep hoping. there was a glimmer of hope when jimmy keene was involved. maybe something else will still evolve out of this. maybe the things i've done and am still doing will shine a light and give them hope at some point. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea
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good evening, i'm nischelle turner and welcome to hollywood's biggest night, the road to gold. i'm outside the governor's ball where we're awaiting the end of the ceremony. this is what they call hollywood's biggest night. and on hollywood's biggest night, i have got the best and brightest with me here. with me tonight is alina cho from the vanity fair party. we have elle's creative director jossy, and also hln "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer. we'll run down the best moments at the 85th oscars for you tonight, catch you up on everything to get ready for piers morgan and company who will have a very special "piers morgan tonight" in a few minutes. we want to talk about some of the special moments from the ceremony and actually before. this pageantry started way early today. this afternoon, on the red carpet. and the question that we all
8:33 pm
like to talk about, other than who won what, is who wore what. i want to bring in jossy, and also alina cho who have been running down all the fashion for us today, guys. there were some spectacular looking women and men for that matter on the red carpet this afternoon. who did it right tonight? joe, alina, to you first, joe. this is your bag. what you do for a living. who do you think did it right tonight? >> this is indeed the world's biggest fashion show. and everybody is on the world stage with all eyes on them. for me, i really have to say jennifer lawrence, you know. it has been a big awards season for her, but she really hit it out of the ballpark with that dior gown. it was so spectacular. >> she looked like cinderella, i thought. alina, what about you? i heard you talking earlier, doing the broadcast, you thought jessica chastain looked fantastic. was she one of your top choices? >> i did. she was. i loved her in that copper
8:34 pm
strapless form fitting giorgio armani gown. i loved jennifer lawrence in dior. and i loved halle berry in custom versace, apparently she went there and told them she wanted to look like a bond girl and boy did she tonight. other stories, reese witherspoon and lilly collins, seth rogan and amy poehler. i always like to say, if a bomb, god forbid, were to blow up this building, there would be nobody left in hollywood. >> you're right. >> the thing about this -- the other great thing about the vanity fair party is that at the end of the night, if you've ever been inside, as i've been lucky enough to have been, they serve in and out burgers, and after actresses have been starving themselves for two months straight, they can have something good to eat. nischelle. >> i was just about to say, please, snag one of those in and out burgers, double-double animal style for me. because i'm waiting for it as
8:35 pm
well. i have to tell you, there is a lot of people i really thought looked beautiful on the red carpet. i'll go a little to the left. i thought sally field looked gorgeous in valentino. throughout this awards season, i think she's been doing it right. i remember talking to her at the screen actors guild awards, she had on this purple jay mendel, very age appropriate and pretty. but tonight i thought she looked just like a movie star. she was definitely one of my favorites. i want to take a look at what a.j. hammer is doing over at the elton john party. a.j., that is one of the best parties as well in hollywood. one of my favorites, because elton john, not only does he put on a good show, he raises a lot of money for a good cause every single year. >> over $300 million over the time they have been doing it just unbelievable, all for the elton john aids foundation. you have a lot of choices on oscar night in hollywood as to where you're going to watch the show. are you going to sit at home in your jammies and eat some popcorn or go out to the elton john party, which is really one
8:36 pm
of the most coveted tickets in town. of course, we have the red carpet, all the stars walk down on their way to the big academy awards show to get under way tonight, as piers was greeting them all, and piers will be with us very shortly tonight to wrap everything up. but whento the elton john party, you have the white carpet. it held up pretty good. they banned any red wine glasses from coming down the carpet, because they used some good stain resistant. i'm not exactly sure. but a lot of stars have been walking through tonight, including kim kardashian and khloe kardashian also here, nicki minaj walking by and looking spectacular. this is a viewing party. this is where people come to watch the show this is where they come to check it out and be among their friends, have great food. gordon ramsey doing the food here tonight. but this is the place they're going to come, hang out, see the show and participate in a big auction afterwards to raise a lot of money for the elton john
8:37 pm
aids foundation. it is incredible. 21 years this has been going on. >> i want to clue you guys in on one of the biggest upsets of the night so far. we just got word that ang lee has won best director for "life of pi ." most people thought steven spielberg would win best director at the oscars, namely because ben aflifleck was not nominated and he did a great job directing the movie "lincoln ." ang lee is the first director to ever win for directing a 3-d movie with this win tonight and he is one of the foremost and best directors in the business. this is a little bit of a surprise. another one of the surprises tonight, i think, was christophe waltz beating out tommy lee jones for best supporting actor. i don't want to pat myself on the back, but i called this a couple of days ago. i thought he would win. i thought he made that movie "django unchained", but tommy lee jones was really good. that's another surprise.
8:38 pm
we saw anne hath away waway winr best supporting actress. there is still a lot of awards to be handed out. when we come back, we're going to recount some of the other big moments from tonight's show. stay with us. with the bing it on challenge to show google users what they've been missing on bing. let's bing it on. [fight bell: ding, ding] how many here are google users? what if i was to tell you that you would actually like bing way more than google when it came to the results? prove it. let's look up some taco places. i like the left side. yeah? okay, do we need to find out what the waves are like down at the beach? what side do you like better? i like the results on the right. i'm gonna go with the one on the left. oh! bing won! people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go to and see what you're missing. now, this is a test drive. whoa! you can really el all 335 foot-pounds of torque. it's chevy truck month!
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wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last.
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welcome back to hollywood's biggest night, the road to gold. i'm nischelle turner outside the governors ball where we're awaiting the 85th annual oscars to end. we are waiting to talk to people here like anne hathaway and christoph waltz, people who have won tonight and also best director, ang lee, who just won
8:42 pm
for "life of pi." we were talking about how this was a bit of an upset. a thought of people thought steven spielberg would take this oscar for "lincoln" but ang lee has won over spielberg for the second time, first time in 2010 when ang lee won for "broke back mountain" and steven spielberg was nominated for "munich." i want to get over to a.j. hammer who has one of my favorite singers, michael buble, maybe he can whistle a little dixie for me or sing me a tune. >> he was asking where the restroom is because apparently he needs to get there and quick. came looking for trouble tonight. have i come to the right place? >> you came to the right place. ♪ it was great. what a beautiful night it was. >> give us a little insight. i want to get the first report as you're walking out of the red carpet or white carpet here, but to know exactly what was happening inside, what was the highlight of being part of this annual event, 21 years. >> the highlight was coming in and being part of something that for charity that means so much. and also the beef was amazing.
8:43 pm
>> you can't go wrong if you have good beef at a party. >> like a pulled porkish kind of beef. wasn't it good? >> delicious. >> this is deea dean and dan, d squared. you were probably paying a lot of attention to the red carpet fashion tonight. >> i think it was amazing. >> what was that? charlize? >> and adele looked gorgeous too. giving a lost light and sparkling and looking beautiful and nice performance. >> and you can give your peer a review, our first review of her performance, incredible rendition of "sky fall," perhaps the only time we'll see her perform it live. >> i'm in love with the girl. i e-mailed her before her record came out and said i couldn't wait to see her on the red carpet, and give her a big hug because i'm a huge fan. i was happy, not jealous. >> okay. >> a little bit jealous.
8:44 pm
a little bit jealous of her greatness, but honestly, sometimes good things happen for good people and it gives you hope and humanity. >> you cannot smile when you watch her on screen. >> no. she's a keeper. she's a good girl. she's real. she's humble. and, you know, god kissed her throat and now we're lucky enough to get to appreciate that as people listen. >> give me a handle on this night for you. you got invited to come here, not to perform, just to kind of hang out and eat their food and drink their booze. >> i was invited by dan and dean. the truth is, i get nervous sometimes coming to things like this, but coming with these boys, like my brothers, it was a blast. >> why do you get nervous? you perform in front of tens of thousands of people and more. >> a difference between singers andanter eactors. and the deal is i work on my own. sometimes, you know, those actors all work together, all buddies. i come as, like, a lone wolf. a lone wolf. >> you wing man and that's
8:45 pm
important. >> backup singers. >> and what happens now? you didn't even stay around until the very end of the show. are you on your way to yet another party? >> yes. another party. there is a singer named madonna. she's going to be huge. and -- >> you think she's going places? >> we'll go to the party and hang out and do it again. it is cool. it was great. this was elton did such a great job and more importantly than all of this and all of the -- is the cause which is pretty amazing. great we can come and be fun and be supportive. >> i'll send it over to nischelle turner now. nischelle. >> a.j., we don't want to wait. we want to let everyone at home know no jennifer lawrence has just won best actress for silver linings playbook here at the oscars tonight. a roar just went up here at the governors ball. everyone very excited for her. this was the second time she's been nominated. she's only 22 years old. of course, she played tiffany, who was recovering sex addict in
8:46 pm
the movie who falls in love with pat solatano, played by bradley cooper. they fall in love and they kind of make themselves whole again together. it is a really good movie. one of the movies that is nominated for best picture as well here at the oscars tonight. once again, jennifer lawrence has won best actress for her role in "silver linings playbook." when we come back, back to our fashion experts because with this win by jennifer lawrence, i want to know what this does for the house of dior. stay with us. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon
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we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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8:49 pm
welcome back to hollywood's biggest night, the road to gold. this is hollywood's biggest night. i'm nischelle turner right outside the governor's ball where we're awaiting the end of the 85th oscars. when this show ends, we're going to join piers morgan and company for a very special show called and the winner is, a special piers morgan tonight. if i could get that out, i would be half dangerous. we just saw jennifer lawrence
8:50 pm
win for best actress here at the oscars and we heard joe zee earlier saying she was his best dressed in that dior haute couture gown. back to joe zee and talk to ailelina cho and what they thin about what this will do for the house of dior. it is amazing what she looked like and this just has to up their ante even more. what do you think, guys? actually, this is what live tv is all about. i want to stop you guys real quick. i want to tell you, daniel day-lewis has just won for best actor here at the oscars. now, this makes his third win for best actor. no other actor has done that. and i tell you, when you talk to other actors here in hollywood, here is what they say about him. he is the quintessential actor of our generation. of course, he wins tonight for playing our 16th president, abraham lincoln. by most people's standards, he nailed it. i heard people say, well, how did they really know that he nailed the role of abraham lincoln because who was around when lincoln was alive? but if you just look at him, you
8:51 pm
look at the makeup, look at the mannerisms, the speech, the tone, all of the cadence even of how he spoke, you really get the sense of the 16th president. so daniel day-lewis once again wins for best actor here at the oscars tonight. now, a.j., i want to send it back over to you. you have yet another actor who can talk to just how great daniel day-lewis is. you have john leguizamo with you at the elton john party. >> yeah, the great john leguizamo is with me. we were watching daniel day-lewis and his name being announced and you said, of course. >> yeah, like you said, he won it since the day he was cast. you thought lincoln would take all of the awards, a lot of big surprises, life of pi. >> a couple of months ago, that was the story. >> and "argo" started coming up. i was so happy ang lee won. that was one of my favorite films. >> i want to go back to daniel day-lewis. this makes him only the first
8:52 pm
actor in history to have three best actor awards. that makes him the actor's actor. he's the guy. >> he's incredible. that performance was like you were watching the actual lincoln come to life. it was brilliant. >> what is it about him? everybody talks about his method and the fact he gets so deeply into character and there was a great line from seth macfarlane earlier in the night, what happens, you show up some place and there is a cell phone, do you yell that can't be real? >> you can't do that. that's the only way you create stuff like that. such a lee strasburg thing, you're in character 24/7 and got to, you know, disband with, you know, technology. got to be in that period and got to be in that voice and that movement and that's how you create great work, the only way for it to happen. >> and you mentioned your table got extraordinarily excited when ang lee, who was not favored to win best director, everybody thought it was going to be spielberg, he wins it. what happened inside the elton john oscar viewing party? >> you know, everybody's got
8:53 pm
their favorites, not everybody is happy about every decision, but my table was john waters and naomi campbell and they were, like, ecstatic. because we all really thought that was one of the greatest movies. i'm not a big fan of cgi but that was the first time i really believed it. >> was that the consensus. a guy like john waters who is eclectic to say the least. >> hilarious. he says such off color stuff. it is great. >> give me a hint of something he wouldn't mind you sharing with the conversation that was happening inside this party. >> he was interviewing quentin tarantino in -- for the spirit awards once, and he asked him wh what is the thing that makes you happiest about success. and he said -- >> i really hope that didn't get picked up by my microphone. and actually -- a word said earlier in the oscar telecast, but probably as far as i'm going to go in talking about that. >> yeah. i can't. what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> exactly.
8:54 pm
exactly. >> give us more of a sense of what it was like to be at this party, which is now and has been for so many years an institution, does amazing work raising so much money for the elton john aids foundation. what was the vibe inside tonight? >> everybody is there and in great spirit. everybody knows we're here for a cause. a beautiful cause. try to find a cure for aids and help everybody who is -- who has a sickness. and just the -- the camaraderie and everybody is in great spirits and it is just a beautiful vibe in there. >> and elton? >> elton is walking around, you know, being the king. >> is he the life of the party? >> the life of the party. loves getting photographed with everybody, hugging and being photographed and just, you know, the spirit of the whole thing. >> and what is instore for you now? i cannot imagine for a second your evening comes to an end after you walk out of this. >> i'm going to the best party, the best after party, the vanity fair party and be over there and trying to get a photo with michael hi
8:55 pm
micha michael hineke, that's my goal. >> the party is winding down here as well. as you can tell, nischelle, they have places to go and people to be with and big stars to take photographs with tonight. >> apparently, a.j., you're doing it big. that's what the kids say. so i'm a little jealous of you. from what i'm being told, the producers of the oscars told me late on friday that you don't want to miss the best picture announcement. they said you will see something here that you have never seen before. i'm being told right now that we are seeing the first lady of the united states on screen talking about the best picture right now. this is what they were talking about, what you will never see before, michelle obama on stage, talking -- or michelle obama talking about the best picture award. jack nicholson was on stage presenting this award. we're awaiting the winner of best picture here at the academy awards. there are nine pictures that are nominated here. the front-runners most people believe are "argo" and "lincoln." this could be a good head to
8:56 pm
head battle. we have seen daniel day-lewis win best actor for lincoln. we just saw jennifer lawrence win best actress for "silver linings playbook," we saw christoph waltz win best supporting actor for "django unchained" earlier this evening and anne hathaway, best supporting actress for "les miserabl miserables." and we saw ang lee win over steven spielberg for "lincoln." ang lee winning for "life of pi," the first director to ever win a 3-d movie. that is very interesting. now, while we're awaiting the announcement for best actor, i do want to ask joe zee, we got interrupted last time, joe, i want to ask about jennifer lawrence. when we see the ladies nominated for best actress, usually they are the bell of the ball. did she look like the bell of the ball to you? >> oh, my gosh, she looked like the bell of the ball. there is a saying we have that us fashion people like to say, the oscars is your wedding day. all eyes are on you and you have to have the perfect dress. and the pictures of you live
8:57 pm
forever. so in a way, jennifer lawrence is wearing her wedding dress. look at that dior gown, it really is spectacular. and, you know what, worthy of the win. >> joe, i don't want to put you on the spot, you're a fashion guy, i'm going to do it. is there anybody who missed the mark for you tonight? >> oh, you know there is always somebody who misses the mark. and you know what it is, i have to say i give points to someone like helena bonham carter because she always goes out there and does what she wants to do and to me, tonight, she really look like she came in costume from "les mis", but that's who she is. she doesn't really care and i kind of like that attitude. >> you know what, joe zee, i'm with you on that. i want to give you an idea now of what has just happened here at the oscars. "argo" has won best picture. it was just announced "argo" wins best picture. this is only the fourth time this has happened when a director is not nominated for best director. ben affleck not nominated for best director here tonight.
8:58 pm
but "argu"argo" did win best pi. the last time that happened was 23 years ago and that was "driving miss daisy." we'll see the folks from "argo" come up to the stage, up to the podium and accept their oscar. ben affleck wins an oscar in this case, because he was nominated as co-producer on this film. so we're also going to see george clooney take home an oscar tonight too. wouldn't be an oscar telecast without a little clooney. and we did see him a lot during the telecast, seth macfarlane brought clooney up and said he's the only guy that wakes up camera ready. i thought that was a funny moment. a lot of other great moments here tonight. the one that will be talked about a lot tomorrow morning is "argo" winning best picture, which just happened. i want to go over to alina cho at the "vanity fair" party. we also heard joe zee, i did the same thing that piers did earlier, calling him jay-z, we
8:59 pm
heard joe zee talk about the oscars are like a woman's wedding day. do you agree with that? and who was a beautiful bride tonight? >> i do, as a matter of fact. it is the super bowl of fashion. the most important red carpet on the planet. it is where you see the most glamorous, the most expensive, the most over the top fashion and jewelry on the planet. behind me is a glamorous woman herself, actress emily mortimer, tonight, gorgeous in zach posen. "argo" just won best picture. were you surprised by that? what do you think? >> i felt it was -- it was gathering momentum and it was kind of a snowball effect that was -- you could see it coming, yes. i'm so pleased. i loved it. me and my son watched it together, recently, on our sofa and were gripped. >> and jennifer lawrence for "silver linings playbook," daniel day-lewis for "lincoln," your thoughts on those. >> i approve whole heartedly.